ALS has extensive experience in minimising the risks associated with supplying Permanent and Contract Engineering resources across multiple domains. This gives you access to a wide-ranging pool of highly professional and experienced resources throughout the UK. You can be assured that any resources we recommend will be more than capable of delivering a high quality contribution to your project.


Whether you need advice with starting a new development, have concerns with a current project, or need help supporting an existing legacy task, ALS has a proven track record of delivering ‘managed service’ solutions across the Defence and Aerospace domains. Trusted partners to international primes for over 20 years, ALS is a UK-based systems engineering company to help you deliver your projects on time.


About us

ALS Resourcing: Utilising excellent Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management ALS have helped companies to optimise their service levels, competitiveness and cost effectiveness. ALS assists clients throughout each process, improving cost efficiency and productivity, tailoring all responses to the organisations culture and requirements. ALS have provided resources for many companies nationwide.

ALS Projects: With 20+ years’ experience our systems, software and project delivery advice is focussed on solving your problems fast, enabling you to deliver project requirements on time. ALS has Aerospace, Land and Maritime experts with knowledge and experience gained on a number of highly advanced and complex projects ready to solve your problems efficiently.

ALS will provide you with expert support from engineers with hard won experience helping you deliver your projects on time. Our overall capabilities are:

  • Lifecycle Support
  • HCI and Data Processing
  • Software and Hardware Support
  • Security Accreditation
  • Resourcing

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